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MARMAC Stage Lifts

MARMAC stage lifts can be furnished in numerous sizes and configurations, per your design requirements. Features include:

Typical rise of 6 through 240

Higher rise available

Standard raising capacity of 50 pounds/square foot

Standard supporting capacity of 100 pounds/square foot

Higher raising and supporting capacities available

Standard anti-fall protection

Optional shear-point protection

Custom travel rates

MARMAC stage lifts can be utilized for a variety of purposes and in a variety of ways.

Some examples include:

Lifting a single entertainer or a full orchestra

Configured with four straight sides or custom curves and shapes to blend with surrounding architecture

Constructed in a single section or multiple sections

Multiple section designs allow the sections to operate in unison or independently


MARMAC can help you determine your individual hydraulic lifting needs.

Please call 877-372-8093 or 937-372-8093 for specific application information.