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MARMAC Double-Acting Cylinders

Marmac double-acting cylinders operate much like more common or standard double-acting cylinders, allowing the load to be both pushed and pulled. However, they are designed per our typical design standards. Again moving much heavier loads, especially in this case eccentric loads, than can be accomplished with an off-the-shelf cylinder. In addition, the size and structure of these cylinders typically allow them to handle these extreme loading conditions without external structural guides.

Our double-acting cylinders come in two variants, double-acting and Power Return. Double-acting cylinders employ seals at the lower bearing while the Power Return cylinder relies on a close bearing fit to permit a pressure differential. Technically, each of these designs are simply modifications of the single-acting differential column cylinder.

Common applications:

Anechoic Chambers

Mixer/Auger Lifts

Crane Lifts


MARMAC can help you determine your individual hydraulic lifting needs.

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