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MARMAC Bascule Bridges

Many factories and rail yards have high-traffic areas that must be bridged for safe operation. At times, these bridges must raise or retract to allow extreme-height loads to pass underneath. These applications call for a sturdy, reliable Bascule Bridge from MARMAC.

MARMAC Bascule Bridges feature:

Custom spans and widths

Extreme weight capacity

Single or multiple power cylinders, per specification

Unique single-piece hinge assembly

Ease of installation

Both mechanical and hydraulic anti-fall mechanisms

Slow-down motion and stops

Standard mechanical traffic barriers

Optional hydraulic traffic barriers

Optional warning lights and audible warning devices

Designed for maximum efficiency and safety, MARMAC Bascule Bridge can provide years of reliable service in every application.


MARMAC can help you determine your individual hydraulic lifting needs.

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